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Tracey n. Auburn, WA 8/29/2011     My mom, sister and I just did a trail ride with Steve yesterday (Aug. 28th) to celebrate my mom's upcoming birthday and it was SOOO much fun!!! I have over 12 years riding/horse showing experience, my mom (64 yrs. old) has slight horse experience and my sister had no horse experience. Even with that wide disparity of experience, we all had the perfect horse! Steve assigned me a horse that had a little more "pep" in his step to keep my ride interesting, he gave my mom a horse that would take care of her but still let her have fun and he gave my sister a great horse that was stable and knew how to take of her!!

With that said, we did EVERYTHING! We went through water, over fallen trees, up hills, through brush, through fields, everything! We also got to walk, trot, canter and gallop (which you NEVER Get to do on other trail rides!!)!! It was great because Steve was always checking in along the way and asked what we wanted to do (were we comfortable running, did we want to go right/left, etc.) and gave us a low down on some fun facts about where we were riding. We all got to take turns leading and it was overall SUCH a blast! WELL worth the money!!

I used to think that going on a "trail ride" was bringing my show horse on the Soos Creek Trail or the Lake Youngs Reservoir (where it was flat and gravel where people would walk/bike/run with their dogs) but I was ALL wrong!! This is a real trail ride where you are in the woods and really experiencing the "wilderness" and nature! I think I have been bitten by the REAL "trail ride" bug and will have to continue doing it! I never once felt in danger and I always felt comfortable with the trails/terrain that Steve was choosing.

I cannot explain how GREAT of a ride it was and how GREAT of a leader Steve was. Definitely the highlight of my year!! My sister is already saying she wants to do it again for her birthday in November : )