Learning to ride trails is now fun and easy for any riding ability, from beginner to the most advanced rider.
           We have the horse and the trail for you. All rides are custom for each rider to enhance the quality for each individual rider.
            Learn as you go. We have horses that will help you learn to ride trails. lots of different trails depending on ability of riders
            around lakes, thru woods up mountains and with other views of mountains near by, wild life, open meadows, logging roads,
            some short rides, some long rides and some even longer. Weekday discounts.

                  We can take 3 riders out, so only get a couple other people to come. We use a 4 horse trailer, and one spot for my horse.
           We don't mix groups, without special arrangements, to enhance your personal riding experience.  There is a rate for personal            1 on 1 individual riders. There are several different rides which we custom fit for the riders. We also have rates if you bring                 your own horse. We ride lots of different trails, so if you need to learn to ride trails or just need to learn the trails we are                     willing to help.

   During the summer months there are some camp outs and pack trips available to a limited number of applicants.
            These are custom so details vary to requests.

                 We also have special stirrup setups for small children to ride with an adult.

WELCOME to Ride on Horseback!
       Learning to ride trails can be fun for any riding ability.
                                    Custom trail rides                                                              Sorry we have retired from riding.                                    Thank you for all the great times.
                                We do haul horses​

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